Book a Virtual Session with Richard Alberts

If you would like to meet with me for an online session, please use the calendar below. Simply hover over the available date to see my schedule. Click the calendar day you want to book an appointment and select the time(s). If you are a new client or unfamiliar with the Virtual Therapist Network platform, please read the very important text below my calendar.

My online sessions are held securely at the Virtual Therapist Network (VTN). You must be a patient/client member of VTN in order to use this calendar. A small booking fee is collected for each appointment made as a video bandwidth subsidy to off-set the cost of our video usage. By default, my calendar is set up to only allow appointments to be booked 24 hours (or more) in the future. This allows me time to prepare. If you have an emergency situation that can’t wait that long, please contact me to discuss adjusting my calendar, so that you can book an appointment sooner.

IMPORTANT: This page is only for booking an appointment with me after you have registered at the Virtual Therapist Network (VTN). In order to actually meet me after the session is booked, you’ll need to log in at the Virtual Therapist Network. Click Here to Login. After logging in, you will ALWAYS be redirected automatically to your appointments section. There, you can simply click the “Go to Video Session” button next to the appointment you have scheduled with me for that day.

Once you are a registered member, you can log in at any time; even if you do not have an appointment with me. You are HIGHLY encouraged to login to VTN after you book your appointment with me and click the blue “TEST YOUR VIDEO” button located in the appointments section of your account. This will allow you to test your camera and microphone before your actual session with me. If you’re new to VTN, please perform this test at least 2-3 days before our appointment. If for any reason your video and/or audio doesn’t work, please email VTN at and notify them of any trouble you’re having. They will make arrangements to call and provide you with direct support.

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